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Quotes and reviews

“A warm generous performer with a confident and engaging presence. Wonderful, musical playing. Listening to Mark Simons is always a delight.”
—Clare Callahan of the National Endowment for the Arts Solo Recitalist Panel

“Mark’s playing ranges from the fiery to the poetic. His technique is impressive but is always used in the service of his artistic vision.”
—John Holmquist, Cleveland Institute of Music

“Mark has always show himself to be a highly intelligent, serious minded individual with a natural expressiveness on his instrument.”
—William Kanengiser, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

“Mark is an excellent performer who consistently displays a very high level of musicianship both as a soloist and in chamber music settings. He is not just another virtuoso, but shows a balanced well-rounded musicianship with attention to style and sensitivity to his fellow performers.”
—Dusan Bogdanovic, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

“I am a big fan of Bach and an amateur musicologist. Your playing was not only technically flawless, it had the nobility and high feeling characteristic of Bach's aesthetic style.”
—Philip Wilson, UC Berkeley

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Venues performed

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Bio and resume

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